Stacey Splawn is a wedding photographer, born and raised in small-town Texas. Her style is best described as two-parts vintage, one-part romantic, and one-part fine art. There is nothing as satisfying as capturing the spontaneous, unscripted moments—from the tiniest details like the first “I love you” text message on wedding morning, to the groom’s expression when his bride walks down the aisle. The simplest moments are the ones Stacey specializes in, the ones you will cherish most in the coming years of your lives together.



Stacey adores her ‘smarty-pants’ English professor husband who she has four children with-- ages 6, 5, 18 months, and 6 months. Stacey’s family provides her with the rich experience not only to practice her craft, but to inspire her photographic techniques. In other words, as Stacey says, “Not only do I take a lot of pictures, but I know how to capture “true love” because I live it everyday.” 

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